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Fall Meeting

September 9th at 7:00 pm

All are welcome.


League Draw Winners:

Tuesday Men's 1st Draw:

Matt Tales, Larry Whittal, Al Eagleson, Nick Thomson

Tuesday Men's 2nd Draw:

Cec Hofstetter, Larry Whittal, Don Brinn, Robert Lalonde

Thursday Men's 1st Draw:

John Ross, Jerry Pucan, Robert Entz, Carl Junker

Thursday Men's 2nd Draw:

Travis Hofstetter, Al Eagleson, Scott Richmond, Adam DeGier

Thursday Men's 3rd Draw:

Kevin Hall, Steve Hiltz, Robert Entz, Murray Brownridge

Friday Mixed 1st Draw:

Cec Hostetter, Cathy Hofstetter, Kristi, Steve

Friday Mixed 2nd Draw:

Bill Alderson, Maggie Alderson, Gord Campbell, Jennifer Campbell

Way to go! Bragging rights for the summer.